Adobe Premiere 6.0 Mac

Adobe Premiere 6.0 Mac
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A powerful tool for professional, digital video editing, Adobe Premiere 6.0 for Macintosh comfortably closes the DV-to-Web gap. With new support for DV and cross-platform support for all of the leading Web video formats, Premiere aggressively integrates a variety of features and functions.If you’ve worked with other Adobe applications, Premiere will look familiar, with the command menus at the top of the screen, windows to perform your assembling and editing, the toolbox, and the floatin…

The new Premiere 6 splash screen says it all. You see the familiar running horses that have accompanied the opening screen for years. But more importantly you see a FireWire cable and the beginning of a Web page address. Premiere 6 is ready for digital video, the screen tells you, and it’s Web friendly.I installed and tested a beta version of Premiere 6 on a laptop, aFujitsu Pentium-333 with 64MB of memory, and on my desktop PC, aMicron PII-450 with 128MB of memory. The program installed…

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Adobe Premiere 6.0 Mac

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